Questionnaire for the Open Consultation of the European Cloud Security Certification framework

© Sean Gladwell / Moment / Getty Images

Following the  “European Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Conference” in Vienna, the Open Consultation on the European Cloud Security Certification framework has now started! To be able to gather input from the public to develop a final recommendation for the European Cloud Certification framework, the members of the CSPCERT Working Group kindly ask you to participate in this survey:

Your opinion on this content will enable the participating stakeholders in SWIPO and CSPCERT to improve their deliverables, which will result in better self-regulation for all cloud stakeholders in the EU.

The CSPCERT WG, which was created on 12 December 2017, is exploring the possibility of developing a European Cloud Certification Scheme in the context of the Cybersecurity Act. The objective of this WG is to come up with a recommendation that will be submitted to ENISA (the European Cybersecurity agency) and the European Commission. Both these institutions are closely monitoring the process so that inputs can be taken into account along the way.

The CSPCERT WG has developed a three-stage working process on the basis of reaching different “milestones”. The present public consultation considers milestone 1 and 2, and will help the CSPCERT WG to reach the final objective of developing a recommendation for a European cloud security certification scheme. To this end, the consultation is based on the documents of milestone 1 (a comprehensive set of underlying detailed security requirements) and milestone 2 (a comprehensive analysis of different conformity assessment methodologies), which have been completed for consultation.