CSPCERT work presented at the 2019 International Cybersecurity Act Conference

On 18-19 November 2019, the 2019 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act was held in Brussels, with the objective to help standards community prepare for the evolution of risk-based frameworks meant to address market fragmentation in the EU.

Since the CSPCERT Group's work was specifically organised within the context of the Cybersecurity Act, with the objective of creating a draft certification scheme that could be further refined and adopted under the Act, our team was present to show its work.

In its session entitled "Toward TheEuropean Cloud Security Certification Scheme: The CSPCERT Final Public-PrivateRecommendation", the team showed its recommendations. The presentation highlighted the findings of the recommendation, the process behind the recommendations, and the next steps already being taken by the EU Commission and ENISA to support the implementation of a single EU strategy for cloud certification across the EU.

Thanks in particular to Saurabh Ghelani, Aurelien Leteinturier, Thomas Niessen, William Ochs and
Sławomir Górniak for presenting the work!